An easy recipe for rotini pasta with olive oil, herbs, and italian seasoning.

This recipe was born in Costco, of all places.

Not that that is surprising considering how much time and money I spend there in a month.

And to top it all off, all the ingredients used in this pasta recipe were purchased at Costco...Not a huge shocker though really.

Anyway, a taste testing station offered a small portion of pasta tossed with oil and herbs. And oh goodness, it was so tasty! My oldest son gobbled it right up. But I'm pretty sure he gobbles up all pasta.

Naturally, I had to recreate it at home and it's become a staple at our house ever since.

Rotini pasta salad recipes

My youngest didn't care for it the first time I served it, but now it's like his favorite way to eat pasta lately. He requests it quite frequently.

So if you're looking for a quick and easy rotini pasta recipe, then you definitely want to try this pasta with olive oil and herbs because it's delish!

Rotini pasta with olive oil recipe

How to cook rotini pasta with olive oil and herbs

An Easy Rotini Pasta Recipe the Whole Family Will Love!

My youngest son likes to be the one to add italian spices and olive oil to this easy pasta recipe and mix it all up. It really only takes a few minutes to put together too, making it perfect for busy evenings or a quick lunch on the weekends.

How to make rotini pasta with italian seasoning and olive oil

We also like to use this pasta recipe as a base for pasta bowls by adding special toppings like shredded cheese, vegetables, and/or chopped meat.

You could also swap out the rotini for some other favorite pasta shape like butterflies or shells. It doesn't have to be rotini, but it's usually our top choice for this recipe because the oil and herbs just cling to ever like nook and cranny.

Rotini pasta bowls with italian spices and oil

So grab your forks and let's dig in! But hold it first so I can take a picture 😂

Pasta bowls with olive oil and herbs like basil, oregano, parsley

You'll Love this Easy Pasta with Olive Oil!

So here's why you'll want to hurry up and make this pasta with olive oil sauce recipe:

  • It's light, making it a nice alternative to pasta with meat sauce.

  • Delicious warm or cold. Makes a great pasta salad!

  • It's kid approved! My youngest son inhales this pasta recipe. He loves it so much!

  • Versatile! Don't like italian seasoning for pasta? Try swapping it for your favorite premade seasoning blend.

Rotini pasta recipes that are easy - uses olive oil and herbs

How to Make Pasta with Olive Oil & Herbs

Ready to give this rotini pasta recipe a try? Good decision. Let's do this before the kids raid the pantry!

Easy pasta with olive oil

An easy pasta bowl recipe using rotini, olive oil, and italian seasoning blend.



  1. Cook rotini pasta according to package or in the Instant Pot (instructions here).

  2. Once pasta is drained, add olive oil and italian seasoning. Mix well.

  3. Season to taste with Herbamare or salt and pepper.

Italianed seasoned pasta with olive oil and herbs - great rotini pasta recipes for families!