Hurry Up, I'm Hungry! helps busy parents make it through the witching hour and get dinner on the table before the kids raid the pantry.

  • Because we've all heard the dramatic moans and groans.

  • We've heard them whine, "but I'm soooooo hungry."

  • And we've told them, "No more snacks. It's almost supper time."

  • We've even caught them rummaging through the pantry, likely grabbing the least healthy option possible to stuff their faces because they feel death is imminent if you don't feed them now.

And yet, I can almost guarantee they'll drag their feet when you holler, "Supper time!"

Hey there, I'm Dyan - Just a Mom Trying to Feed the Kids Before They Raid the Pantry!

As a mom of two young boys and a piano teacher, the rush to get dinner on the table is a challenge some days. Especially since I suck at meal planning.

I usually don't figure out what I'm cooking until 4:30 PM so I focus on:

  • Low prep meals

  • Ideas that I can toss into the Instant Pot (okay, both Instant Pots, let's be honest) and walk away while it works its magic.

  • Things that I can cook in the oven for 30 minutes without having to check in while I teach another piano lesson.

  • Recipes that can be easily cooked from frozen because I don't have time to defrost due to my lack of meal planning...

  • Mostly healthy options, but let's be honest, I like to mix and match with some other tasty options. Moderation is key!

  • Deconstructed meals for the kids because heaven forbid I put sauce on something and offend the children!

But mostly, Hurry Up, I'm Hungry! is an online cookbook of sorts for my husband Josh since he often complains that I never write down my recipes. So here ya go, honey! Now you have no excuse to not take over the dinner rush...

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