How to make keto cheese crisps. An easy, yet delicious low carb baked snack made from shredded cheese.

One motto we have at our house is that cheese makes everything better.

Except brussel sprouts.

There's no hope for those awful vegetables.

But basically, we believe that you can never have enough cheese. Especially when its ooey, gooey melty cheesy that stretches for days. And cheese that's been browned in the oven? Thee best. Like I could just eat a plate of that.

Which is what I'm basically doing here anyway...

Baked cheese crisps are the cheesy snack you've been craving if you're a big ol' cheese fan like me. They're deliciously simple too. And low carb. Just one ingredient and a handful of minutes is all you need to end up in cheese heaven.

Recipe for cheese chips

Keto cheese crisps recipe

Cheese Chips or Cheese Crisps? You Decide What to Call 'Em!

Now another thing we love in our house is chips. Like imagine the Cookie Monster ate chips instead of cookies...That's my husband. And my youngest son. And everyone else from my husband's side of the family. Seriously, you blink and the chips will be all gone.

So I feel like I shouldn't call these cheesy morsels chips because they just don't have the same crunch that potato chips do. Nor do they disappear as quick as a bag of chips around here.

But crisps doesn't seem quite right either.

Maybe I should just call them baked and hardened shredded cheese pile snacks...bit wordy though, no?

Regardless of what you want to call them, they're tasty and easy. And obviously cheesy.

Keto cheese chips shredded cheese

How to make keto chips out of cheese

Plus, they look super cool. Kind of like lace or a doily.

Cheddar cheese crisps recipe

You'll Love these Keto Friendly Cheese Crisps as a Snack!

So here's why you'll want to hurry up and make this cheese crisps recipe:

  • One ingredient: CHEEEEEEEEEEESE

  • Um, who doesn't love cheese?

  • Keto friendly

  • Super easy to make

  • Great snack

  • Can be made with different kinds of cheese

Low carb keto baked cheese crisps

How to Make Keto Cheese Chips with Shredded Cheese

Ready to give this low carb cheese crisps recipe a try? Good decision. Let's do this before the kids raid the pantry!

Keto cheese crisps

A recipe for making keto cheese crisps using shredded cheese.

  • 1 cup shredded cheese (Cheddar, marble, mozzarella, or parmesan)


  1. Shred the cheese.

  2. Line baking sheets with parchment paper.

  3. Make small heaps of cheese on the baking sheets.

  4. Bake at 400 F until golden brown (roughly 7 minutes).

  5. Let the cheese crisps cool for 8-10 minutes before removing them from the baking sheets.

Keto cheese crisps recipe